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Copyright and IP (intellectual property) are legal terms with fairly unclear meaning to anyone who isn't an IP/Copyright lawyer. This is legal tool imposed by law to help companies protect their rights when they have to. Companies do protect their rights under intellectual property and copyright by doing things like issuing cease and desist letters, having eBay remove an auction or even having an ISP remove a website.

To comply with Games Workshop’s legal department, the following very important disclaimers are stated:

This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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Fan Fiction

This site's short stories have been heavily biased towards fiction set in the worlds of Games Workshop Ltd. So please read this page carefully!

Games Workshop claims all rights to every story, character, action sequence, plot device etc. that is written with mention of their own background concepts and creations. The writer of fan-fiction automatically gives Games Workshop complete copyright and control over their work, which is classed as derivative IP*.

TrueMiniWargamer.Com is not a source of official Games Workshop fiction, only fan-fiction.

TrueMiniWargamer.Com inherently infringes upon Games Workshop’s IP and I can only host fan-fiction at their tolerance. Fortunately, my insignificant contribution of publicity and excitement for legitimate Games Workshop products should keep everyone happy.

All fiction which is categorised under ‘Warhammer 40K’ or ‘Warhammer Fantasy’ is so claimed by Games Workshop and TrueMiniWargamer.Com states that it is unofficial fiction, derived, without permission, upon the Warhammer intellectual property owned by Games Workshop Ltd.


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