Friday, February 23, 2018

Skorne : The Titan Cannoneer pt.1

Hi everyone,

I am back with my last Titan for Skorne.  This is the Titan Cannoneer, as I am you have noticed.  With this figure I decided to leave the pose as is.  The pose seems to suit this ponderous beast. Also all the arms have a function or tool or weapon, so it would require a lot of work to change and alter the pose.

I might decided to alter the pose if I ever get a second Cannoneer, but that is another project for another day.
Below I have a group shot of all my Titans.  Are they not just lovely to behold advancing to crush the Skorne's enemies!
Next group of beasts will be the light Cyclops' I think.  I will have to see!

Now it's back to the Normans next week.  See you in seven, and as always farewell and good health to one and all.




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