Friday, January 19, 2018

The Normans Phase One: Knight Unit pt1

Hi everyone,

The journey continues with the Normans as I start painting my first unit - the Knights.  This unit will be part of a 4 point army that is the minimum require army size to play Saga.  The force will contain two elite mounted Knight units one Warrior unit and one crossbow unit.

While these models were in storage, the spears rusted over.  Therefore I had no choice but to detach them and sand-paper them down.  The result is in the picture above.  I just hope they don't rust over again after they are painted up!

Just like the Warlord, I will be painting this army in the same fashion and method as the vikings.  This means that I will start be base coating black and painting on the first base coats to see whether I like the colour scheme.  Next I will paint the highlights, low lights and details of the models up one by one or two by two depending on what is quicker.

Last but not least will be the base, which I will do altogether as to keep the same aesthetic.

Well that was the start.  Stay with me as I work my way through this force as my first project of the year.  Farewell and good health as always.


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