Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Saga Normans - The Warlord part 2

Hi everyone,

Another short post this week, but one close to my heart!  I have continued work on the Norman Warlord, and hopefully it will be ready soon.

As usual I painted up the basic colors to give me an idea of how the whole thing will look on completion.  I think that the bright scheme will help the warlord stand out.
I decided to push first on his guardians.  So I took the little time I had and worked on these two models, which I manged to finish by the way.

My research shows me that the Normans did paint some of the helmets, so I decided to paint all the 'sergeants' in the other units with red helms.  I will be painting the knights with colored helms as well.

That is the last work post for this year.  I will be back with the conclusion to this project in the beginning of the new year and and whole slurp of other work coming your way, including the Norman army for Saga.

Until then enjoy your holidays and new year!  But most important of all - Farewell and good health to one and all!


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