Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Saga Normans - The Warlord part 1

Hi everyone,
Today, I want to start working on my Norman warlord.  I have been playing the Normans while I was painting up my Vikings.  Now, that my Viking army is ready, I can start working on these guys.

The warolrd stand below is an amalgamation of three different blisters, all from the Matthew Bickley sculpts sold by The Foundry Miniatures.

I set up the warlord stand as a mini-diorama/vignette, and I used the largest legal base size for a cavalry warlord in the game - that is 60mm diameter.

I tried to choose figures that told a story.  The warlord on a ledge encouraging his men on; one retainer hit and fallen to his knees wounded; while the other is drawing his sword in defense of his liege.  Sounds  good to me.

I did want a bit more though.  The warlord was armed in the same way as the other knights.  Only the pose spoke of 'leader'.  Therefore I decided to give him a cloak with fur trimmings.  This, I think, elevated him above the average knight.

Well next week I start to paint him up.  So join me soon as I start my new voyage into the age of saga!

Farewell and good health from,


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