Friday, November 24, 2017

Scatter Terrain for Infinity and other Sci-fi games Part 1

Hi everyone,

Playing Infinity is great.  It is a fantastic game full of tactical and strategic levels of play.  The only way to make it better is to play it full of terrain!

We have terrain at over club, but we lack scatter terrain that help break up the visual lines of fire and make movement more easier in a game dominated but the ARO.

The first up are the police barriers from Antenocitis Workshop.  These are pre-coloured laser-cut acrylic pieces that I find really handy in games.  The best part is they just need to be assembled.

The second runner up are also from Antenocitis Workshop.  These are the Tri-Ads Advertising stands that come in packs of 4.  When I bought them they came in packs of 3.

Unfortunately these have to be assembled and painted, but they do come with printed adds that you have to cut out.  Just be careful to measure properly for the best fit. Please note thast the bases do not come with the product. I added the bases for stability.

Last but not least are the Infinity Holo ads from Micro Art Studios.  These are sold as a flat pack made from MDF and acrylic photo-quality sreen-prints.   I painted up the MDF architecture with an airbrush.  I think it came out OK.

I hope to show some more in the future as I finish up more of this stuff.  I also encourage anyone who plays Infinity or any other Sci-Fi skirmish game to think about investing in scatter terrain.  I find that it makes all the difference!

I am not sure what I will do next week. I guess you will just have to come back in seven to find out! Until then farewell and good health from the bottom of my tin-man heart.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Nasmats

Hi everyone,

If there is one type of game profile in Haqqislam that I really have found useful are the Nasmats.  For only 3pts they functionally offer another expendable doctor or engineer to the game.

I have come to use them often especially in 300pt games, but enough talk, let us get to the miniatures.  Well the figures are relatively small, so I decided to paint them up together.  First I put on the basic colors as neatly as possible, then I gave them a dark brown enamel wash.

The last step was to highlight and shade.  I finished these in just two one hour sessions.  I think the results are good and presentable and I can't wait to field them again in glorious technicolor!

That's all for this week.  As for next week's topic who knows?  You'll just have to pop in in seven!  Until then farewell and good health as always.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Naffatun part 2

HI everyone,

Well the Naffatun are now ready for battle with a nice new job!  It is a pity I can not use them in my current sectorial armies for Haqqislam, namely the Hassassin Bahram and the Qapu Khalqi.

So I painted up these two together.  The male has the heavy flamer and the female the lighter one.  The fact that the male trooper's face is covered helps speed up the painting.

Now that these are ready, I will take a short break from painting miniatures to avoid burnout and focus on some terrain.

Therefore next week I will continue with some scatter terrain for Infinity.  Until then farewell and good health.


Friday, November 3, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Naffatun part 1

Hi everyone,

The Naffatun are some of Haqqislam's best cheap troopers.  There are two types; one with rifle and heavy flame thrower and the other with rifle and light flame thrower.
I find them invaluable when fighting the Aleph and their cursed toys like the ODD and Eclipse grenades.
I bought the box, but I am only going to paint two out of four for the meantime.  I will leave the colour scheme as the box art. I find it easier to just copy a very good colour scheme rather than rack my brains to come up with an original one.

Once again I will not go into the painting as I have done this many times before for this faction, but I would like to mention that I enjoyed painting the orange band along their arms.  I find that this really helps to distinguish them from normal Ghulam troopers.

So next week I will continue with the Naffatun.  Until then farewell and good health to you all.



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