Friday, August 11, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Shield Maidens pt.7

Hi everyone,

So today I start the last four miniatures of my Viking force for SAGA.  This will close the second phase of the project.

Now just to let you know in advance, I made a few small changes to the last four figures which you will see in the next and last blog on this series.

Nonetheless, to begin with let me introduce the last four figures I needed to paint.

As you can see I decided to paint them up normally, in fact I also primed them up, but something was not right.

The first two figures in the lineup, that is the one with the winged helmet, and the second with the horned helmet were just not really historical correct enough.

This really, really nagged at me until I decided that I had to change them from the original lineup.  Now this was not easy as the fat, horned lady is one of my favourite figures in my viking force.

So I decided to look for different figures that were a bit more historical in appearance.  In the meantime I painted up the last two which I present above.

Join me net week for the last post as I present the last two figures and a final conclusion to this project.

Until then farewell and good health to one and all.


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