Friday, August 25, 2017

Terrain for Infinity - Cargo Containers pt1

Hi everyone,

So I am currently playing two games - Infinity and Saga.  I am enjoying these games a lot for different reasons.  Saga is easy, fast, low rule maintenance, requires about 40 figures - yet very strategic.

Infinity on the other hand is very detailed, with a lot of micro-management, highly strategic and tactical which requires a lot of dedication, and only a handful of models - nonetheless it is highly enjoyable and rewarding.

What is missing in both these games when I play is adequate terrain.  To remedy this I have embarked on a personal campaign/crusade/jihad to remedy this situation for both these games.

Today I start with Infinity, because it is the game that really needs a lot of terrain to really function as designed.

My first phase in this project was to acquire and paint up some scatter terrain.  Scatter terrain really brings out the tactical element of the system and allows you to use skills and equipment which make your models more effective on the gaming table.

The first subject I worked on were some cargo containers from Plastcraft.  These are foam card (I  think) containers that come in flat-packs and need to be assembled.

Assembly is easy enough and they readily stick together with the application of superglue.

The next step was to prime them.  I did this in batch with black Vallejo primer.
After that, I gave all the containers a different colour scheme, as well as highlights. I forgot to mention that all this is done with an airbrush - just to clarify.

The containers still did not look right, but I knew what was missing - advertisements!  I had some transfers from an old truck model laying around, so I decided to use them on this project.

That's all for today.  Next week I will conclude this two part post on containers and more on to more Infinity terrain.  Farewell and good health everyone.


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