Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vikings Phase Two: The Shield Maidens pt.2

Hi everyone,

So, I have begun work on my Shield Maidens,  and I have to admit they will certainly be my favourite unit in saga!

I have finally narrowed down the miniatures to 8.  The choice was rather hard as I like them all, but I had to let 2 of them go.  I finally decided to put aside the fat lady who looks like she is singing in a German opera and one of the nude nymphs.
That leaves me with 5 dressed models and 3 undressed.  I went ahead and based the first five models and added the shields; pinning them down securely to prevent them from coming off.  This is by far the most annoying part of the process and I am glad this is the last unit  have to add shields too.
Join me next week when I start dressing up the nudes.  Until then farewell and good health.


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