Friday, April 28, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 1: Starter Set Part 3

Hi everyone

I got a lot of work done this week, and not just with this starter set.  I am also working on some terrain for Infinity:Operation Wotan and I will show it off gradually after this series of posts ends.

Well I have managed to finish up the fist  two miniatures from the last three.  These are the Zhayedan and the Khawarij.  I did these two together because they both have leather jackets that I worked on at the same time.

The first two pictures show the Zhayedan model in base colours.  This step is common in all the miniatures I paint.  This step helps me identify if the colours all fit well together.

The next step is adding highlights and shades to render it a bit and tie it all together.

The final results are below.  At this point I still have not added the Compass Bars to the models.  I will do that in the end for all three.

The Khawarij follows the same example. So I will only post the pictures of the finished product.

So next week it will be the Taureg Sniper from the set and a little surprise!  Until then farewell and good health from your friendly neighbour hobbyist.


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