Friday, March 10, 2017

Vikings Phase One: 2nd Warrior Unit Pt.2

Hi everyone,

So I have finished the first two miniatures of the second warrior unit.  These include the leader and one of the bondi.

It is good to note off the bat, that in Saga, units of warriors do not have leaders; but visually, leader models do not hurt at all.

The model I chose for the leader in this unit initially came as one of the berserker models.  Since I only wanted berserkers with bear-headed cloaks, I decided to use him as a leader of men. I see him as an ex-berserker who was lucky enough to live through his crazy-mouth-foaming days, and prefers to lead warriors who are more level-minded.

As painting goes, I wanted more muted earth colours on him.  Bright colours would make him look less imposing.

The second model is one of the bondi.  There is nothing special about him, but he was very easy to paint up.  I enjoyed painting the simple pattern on the shield, and I think it helps the model stand out.

Next week I will try to finish up the other two miniatures.  Until then farewell and good health!


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