Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vikings Phase One: 2nd Warrior Unit Pt.1

Hi everyone,

I have started the last unit of viking warriors in order to finish the first phase of this project.  Finishing this project is really satisfying for me.  For the past several months I have finished several 'first phase' projects I have embarked on, namely the Algoryn, the Sylvan army and this viking force.  It has been my most satisfying hobby period in a long time.
I will divide the painting of this unit in two groups of 4 miniatures.  This will reduce the agony of wading through all 8 miniatures at the same time. Keep in mind that vikings are very colourful and varied, so in order to make them interesting you need a large colour palette.  Naturally this translates into a very time consuming painting project.

After choosing the first four miniatures, I cleaned them and attached them to the painting bases.

The next step is to prime them.  I decided to go with a neutral grey.  Just like with the berserkers, after priming several defects popped out.  So I had to clean them again and re-prime the models.

When painting vikings, I find that blocking out the colours first helps me visualize the look I am going for.  When I am happy with how they look I will give washes on the furs and hair and drybrush them.
At this point I have decided to paint up each miniature separately.  This is because I currently have very little time to dedicate to my hobby pursuit.  This will allow me to keep the standard while at the same time keep up the speed I am working at within the time frame I have.

Next week I hope to present the first painted miniatures.  Until then farewell and good health!


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