Friday, February 24, 2017

The Normans: The Knights

Hi everyone,

Now that the first phase of my Viking project is over, I shall soon start the first phase of my Norman project.

The next three weeks, including this one, will cover the basic units I have bought.  Then I will start up a series of posts detailing the progress of the projects - just like I did with the Vikings.  Believe it or not, these progress reports help keep me focused on the project.

So the first units I want to talk about are the Norman Knights.  The Normans have the option to field these elite units mounted or dismounted.  I prefer to mount them as there are several saga abilities that only work with mounted knights, but on the other hand they are more vulnerable to shooting.

As miniatures go, I went with the Normans sold by Foundry Miniatures and sculpted by Matthew Bickley. They are roughly the same size of my Vikings, and like the Viking models they are full of character.

I went with two units of mounted knights and two units of dismounted knights.  This gives me options, especially when playing against shooting armies.  There is one miniature from the old Citadel range - the one on the far left on the first picture.

Like the Vikings, I had to pin all the shields sturdily to their arms, otherwise they would eventually snap off.  This took me quite a while, but in the long run it is worth it.

I could not find any appropriate mounted bases to fit the style of the bases used for the Viking infantry, so I glued two bases together on a piece of plasticard and cut around it.  Later, I added some putty to build up the base.
Now when the time is right, I will have to paint these little gems up.  Until then farewell and good health to one and all.


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