Friday, February 10, 2017

Skorne : The Titan Gladiators pt.2

Hi everyone,

After completing the build of the first Titan Gladiator, I decided I wanted to build the second so I could start painting them together.  The problem was that the second Gladiator was exactly the same as the first!  These kits from Privateer Press allow no room for different posing. There is also no other kit in plastic with a different pose! 

This was definitely a bummer!  And knowing myself well - it could not stand!  If there is one thing I hate is playing with two identical miniatures that are supposed to be centrepieces.  If they were rank and file I would not have minded that much - but these are warbeasts!

So I decided I had to take out my blade, saw, drill and metal pins and get to work modifying this beast.  It was not an easy task and I spent quite some time deliberating and planning out how to do it.  In the end I went for a roaring pose.  This meant I had to straighten the pose and widen the breath of the arms.  The end result is in the pictures below.

I decided to take the pictures with the first Gladiator for reference.  I think now they look different enough to not be exact clones of each other, even though I left them with the same armour.

I had a lot of putty work to do with this model and that is understandable, with all the cutting and repositioning done to it, but the material was not hard to work with.  I found, though, that the older material is rather gooey and can jam up when trying to saw through!  So be careful and aware if you attempt anything similar.

If there was one serious problem it was with the legs and the pose.  In the original pose, the model is leaning forward and this meant that I had to cut up both legs, chop off one set of toes and re-sculpt them.  This nearly made me quite the experiment, but I decided to soldier on and I think the result is not that bad in the end.

So with both Gladiators ready, the initial plan was to paint them together, but I decided I wanted to build the Bronzeback Titan as well before I started painting.  So the next post on Skorne will be the build of the Bronzeback.

Until then farewell and good health to you all.


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