Thursday, January 5, 2017

Another Round of New Year's Resolutions

Hi everyone,

I am back with a new set of resolutions and a plan to put them into motion...again.  I say again because for the previous two years I have actually managed to keep the resolutions I made. 
Last year I focused on building armies and I managed to complete my Algoryn force, the first phase of my Sylvan army and I am currently working on phase two and I managed to nearly finish off all of my 6 point Viking army for Saga.  A substantial amount when you factor in the free time I actually have.

This year I will do things a little differently.  I want this year to be the year of the diorama, so I will try to finish at least 4 dioramas or vignettes this year.  That will be my main focus this year.
On the army building side, I just want to complete the armies of games I am currently playing.  This means I have to continue the last push on my Vikings and start working on my Normans for Saga with the intent of completing the army before next December.
Last year I sold off my Algoryn and bought into Warmahordes with Skorne.  Coming the next errata this January I plan to learn this game and get some games in.  That also means building up a small and viable force.  So get ready to see some Skorne later on this year as well.

If I can, I also want to start working of my US forces for Konflikt'47.  This is a game I want to start playing.  I chose this system over Dust because I can change to Bolt Action if I get tired of Weird World War.
I also want to put some time aside to play more games.  During the last two years I have been a bit gaming-deprived and that needs to change.  So this year I want to try and get at least one game a month in.  That is a total of twelve games - I think I can manage that.

So that is all.  Those are my plans and I plan to dive straight in.  Until this coming Saturday, farewell and good health.


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