Friday, April 21, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 1: Starter Set Part 2

Hi everyone,

I have finished the Ghulam Infantry and as I write have already started with the three other figures in the set.

The Ghulam are the basic troops of Haqqislam ad in my opinion some of the nicest aw well.  They were the models that convinced me to go Haqqislam in fact! So I tried to do them justice.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I choose the same colour scheme as the box they came in.  This is not easy as they were painted by Giraldez, so I have a long way to go!

I also went with some resin bases and compass bars from Antenocitis Workshop, which I prefer over a desert base.  I will be playing mostly in cityscapes after all.

In the end, I think the work is presentable and neat enough, even though it is a long shot from the master - Angel Giradez.
The next three figures in the set are the Taureg, Zhayedan and Khawarijs. I have currently already given them a bases colour, but I think I will paint them up seperately.

Well that is all.  Join me in 7, for more from Infinity.  Farewell and good health from your regular wargaming blogger friend!


Friday, April 14, 2017

Haqqislam Phase 1: Starter Set Part 1

Hi everyone,

I have decided to get into Infinity as well.  Lately, I am on a roll with games, experimenting and buying starter sets.  I do not really know why,  just have developed this habit - which is quite bad for my wallet!

After playing a few games, Infinity and Saga are the two games I am currently playing on a regular basis.  Hence I have decided to paint up a force for the coming Beasts of War 2nd online campaign - Wotan.

I have decided to go with Haqqislam and I will begin with the new starter set.  It is ironic, but Haqqislam was the faction I liked the least in first and second edition - specifically the miniatures. I mean I really disliked them!

Then everything changed with the third edition miniatures, specifically with the Kum Riders.  All of a sudden Haqqislam became the faction of super cool models - all of them since.

So when it came to choose a faction it had to be Haqqislam!  That is life.

So in order to prepare for the campaign I have started painting the starter, and beginning with the Ghulam infantry in the set.

I decided to follow the colour scheme on the box cover, so I started with a base coat of Heavy Brown. (I apologize about the picture quality but I did not notice it until came to post.)

The net step was to paint in the basic colours.  Once again I followed the colour pattern of the Infinity paint team that is I used Desert Sand and and Dark Rust.

Hopefully by next week the Ghulam will e ready, as I intend to paint them up altogether.

After them, I start the other more special profile types. So farewell and good health.


Friday, April 7, 2017

The Normans: The Warriors

Hi everyone,

I am continuing with the reviewing of the Normans I have bought for Saga.  This week I want to show off the 3 units of Warriors I currently own.

The first two units are mostly composed from models from The Foundry and sculpted by Matthew Bickley,  just like the Knights in the previous post.
I tried to keep the warriors all chainmail free, but I did not have enough miniatures to fill out two units this way. I was also on a budget, so buying more blister packs was not an option at this point. Therefore I opted to let the "leader" of the unit wear chainmail, thus reducing the need for non-chainmail figures.
One or two of the miniatures are from the old Citadel miniature range, noticeably the leader of the second warrior unit.

One aspect of these miniatures is the metal spears.  These were initially much longer than you see in the picture, so I had to calculate the historical height and cut accordingly.  The next step is to pin the shields and glue the shields and spears on.  A lot of extra work that has to be done.  I have to admit I could have done without it.
The last unit of warriors are from the Gripping Beast range and are armed with crossbows.  They are about half the price of The Foundry miniatures and roughly the same size.  They are also suited to the unit description they depict.  The sculpting and quality is not as high as The Foundry but they work very well.

That concludes the overview for the warrior units.  Next post is about the Warlords - yeah!  Until then farewell and good health.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Vikings Phase One: 2nd Warrior Unit FINISHED

Hi everyone,

The unit is ready and so is the first phase of the army!!!

After several months of painting between jobs, before and after jobs, during work breaks and on the little time off, I can finally sit back and admire my neatly painted, tabletop-worthy viking force.

Now that the first hurdle is over I can start playing some games of Saga again after such a long hiatus.

Without further adieu I present my fully functional deathstar....I mean well-balanced viking force.
As for next week I have no idea what I am going to do.  I know I wont be as hyped about it as I am now with this finished project.

Until next, farewell and good health to all you gamers in the ether.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Vikings Phase One: 2nd Warrior Unit Pt.4

Hi everyone,

The first two figures of this group are done. The painting like all the rest are basic earth colours with a few reds and blues for interest.

I painted these two first because they have similar attire; that is trousers, shields, and bare chests. This makes painting easier and quicker.

Next week this unit and this project will finally be over.  Come back in 7 to for a first look at my completely painted  point Viking army!!!

See you then.  Farewell and good health to everyone.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Vikings Phase One: 2nd Warrior Unit Pt.3

Hi everyone,

So half this unit is now done!  I want get into too much detail with this post since the process is mostly the same.

Basically cleaning, priming, cleaning again, undercoats and base coats; and as always I do this 4 at a time.

I am dying to get into these models and finally finish of the first phase of this project and be able to field a painted viking army!

Until then farewell and good health!


Friday, March 10, 2017

Vikings Phase One: 2nd Warrior Unit Pt.2

Hi everyone,

So I have finished the first two miniatures of the second warrior unit.  These include the leader and one of the bondi.

It is good to note off the bat, that in Saga, units of warriors do not have leaders; but visually, leader models do not hurt at all.

The model I chose for the leader in this unit initially came as one of the berserker models.  Since I only wanted berserkers with bear-headed cloaks, I decided to use him as a leader of men. I see him as an ex-berserker who was lucky enough to live through his crazy-mouth-foaming days, and prefers to lead warriors who are more level-minded.

As painting goes, I wanted more muted earth colours on him.  Bright colours would make him look less imposing.

The second model is one of the bondi.  There is nothing special about him, but he was very easy to paint up.  I enjoyed painting the simple pattern on the shield, and I think it helps the model stand out.

Next week I will try to finish up the other two miniatures.  Until then farewell and good health!


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vikings Phase One: 2nd Warrior Unit Pt.1

Hi everyone,

I have started the last unit of viking warriors in order to finish the first phase of this project.  Finishing this project is really satisfying for me.  For the past several months I have finished several 'first phase' projects I have embarked on, namely the Algoryn, the Sylvan army and this viking force.  It has been my most satisfying hobby period in a long time.
I will divide the painting of this unit in two groups of 4 miniatures.  This will reduce the agony of wading through all 8 miniatures at the same time. Keep in mind that vikings are very colourful and varied, so in order to make them interesting you need a large colour palette.  Naturally this translates into a very time consuming painting project.

After choosing the first four miniatures, I cleaned them and attached them to the painting bases.

The next step is to prime them.  I decided to go with a neutral grey.  Just like with the berserkers, after priming several defects popped out.  So I had to clean them again and re-prime the models.

When painting vikings, I find that blocking out the colours first helps me visualize the look I am going for.  When I am happy with how they look I will give washes on the furs and hair and drybrush them.
At this point I have decided to paint up each miniature separately.  This is because I currently have very little time to dedicate to my hobby pursuit.  This will allow me to keep the standard while at the same time keep up the speed I am working at within the time frame I have.

Next week I hope to present the first painted miniatures.  Until then farewell and good health!


Friday, February 24, 2017

The Normans: The Knights

Hi everyone,

Now that the first phase of my Viking project is over, I shall soon start the first phase of my Norman project.

The next three weeks, including this one, will cover the basic units I have bought.  Then I will start up a series of posts detailing the progress of the projects - just like I did with the Vikings.  Believe it or not, these progress reports help keep me focused on the project.

So the first units I want to talk about are the Norman Knights.  The Normans have the option to field these elite units mounted or dismounted.  I prefer to mount them as there are several saga abilities that only work with mounted knights, but on the other hand they are more vulnerable to shooting.

As miniatures go, I went with the Normans sold by Foundry Miniatures and sculpted by Matthew Bickley. They are roughly the same size of my Vikings, and like the Viking models they are full of character.

I went with two units of mounted knights and two units of dismounted knights.  This gives me options, especially when playing against shooting armies.  There is one miniature from the old Citadel range - the one on the far left on the first picture.

Like the Vikings, I had to pin all the shields sturdily to their arms, otherwise they would eventually snap off.  This took me quite a while, but in the long run it is worth it.

I could not find any appropriate mounted bases to fit the style of the bases used for the Viking infantry, so I glued two bases together on a piece of plasticard and cut around it.  Later, I added some putty to build up the base.
Now when the time is right, I will have to paint these little gems up.  Until then farewell and good health to one and all.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Skorne : The Bronzeback Titan

Hi everyone,

So before I start painting up the Titan Gladiators, I wanted to put the Bronzeback together as well.  I wanted to do this in order to paint all three simultaneously.
Like all the other Titans, the Bronzeback does disappoint as well when it comes to fitting.  It seems to be a theme with Privateer Press - I honestly hope they improve their game when it comes to model production.

After several hours of fitting and filling and sculpting, I finally put this brute together.  If the model did not have such character, and was a true powerhouse on the field - I would not have bothered with this model at all.  I have taken a shot with a gladiator for comparison.

Up till now I must admit I have mixed feeling with Privateer Press.  To be honest I do not like about 80% of the style of their miniatures.  I think most of their miniatures are outdated and comical.  Skorne are one of the few factions I actually like, except for the Cataphacts which I think are awful - but if I knew how much work their models took to be presentable, I don't think I would have gotten into the game.

The only good thing about the game is the game itself.  If I did not enjoy the mechanics, I would not be playing and I certainly would not advise it to others.  In fact, since I am not a competitive player, I would choose to use alternate/proxy models to play this game!

Well that is all for today.  See you in seven.  Farewell and good health.



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