Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kings of War:- Elf Spears Part 1

Hi everyone,

Today I start to convert my last unit to multibase for my Kings of War Sylvan Army.  Like the other units I have converted to multibases, these spearmen have been painted up several years ago.

Altogether I had 30 figures painted up, but since a multibase can fit 40 infantry models to a minimum of 21, I was OK with the model count - at least that is what I thought.

When I tried to place them on the base, I noticed that 30 models makes this horde/host unit look empty. I tried putting in some scenery but I was not convinced.  If they were a light armoured skirmishing unit, the diorama/scenery option would work, but these are a massed rank and file unit.  Therefore I needed to add more miniatures to the unit.

The problem was I did not have more of these particular GW miniatures.  A quick search on ebay proved useless as the results were epensive being oop and all!

So I had to find another solution.  I went back to my miniature stocks and started to open up dusty boxes that had not seen the light in over a decade and a half.

I managed to find 4 metal High Elf spearmen, that would work with a little bit off conversion and painting.  Strategically placed in the unit they would blend in and go more or less unnoticed.

I also found two old Jes Goodwin miniatures from the same period as the unit.  One was a champion model and another a wizard.  The champion came out in the eighties as part of the command staff along with the leader, standard bearer and musician.  The wizard was part of the old metal Wood Elf chariot set.
Since this is a big unit I thought that a larger command staff would look cool.  What leader would not want a wizard adviser in his ranks?

This brought me up to 6 figures, but I was still 4 miniatures short.  I had a problem, because although I do have plenty of wood elves, I had no more spearmen which meant more conversions.

I was about to choose four lightly armoured old wood elf swordmen to convert to spearmen when I by chance to a look at my 10mm High Elf army.  There was a unit that had a cavalry leader on it and the light bulb that appeared on my head exploded with the surcharge of excitement. 
What a cool idea! I just had to do it, so I spent another hour unpacking old boxes until I stumbled upon an old silver Helm cavalry model that was perfect.  I took a horse from the High Elf Lion Chariot kit and put everything together.

The result was encouraging!  Not only did it look cool, but the cavalry model filled up the 4 model slot without making the unit look empty.  Fantastic - two pigeons with one stone!

Now the real work begins, so stay with me as I work my way thhrough this unit and bring it up to standard for a mighty KOW army.  Until next time farewell and goodhealth.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kings of War: Tree Shamlers Part 2

Hi everyone

So I have finished up another unit - the Tree Shambers.  Made up of old GW treemen for the most part and looking like a dance team striking a pose :) , they had to become tree shamblers because compared to the new treemen they are just too small.

I finished up the third treeman and and glued him to the multibase.  Just like the Dryads they needed something more, so I decided to paint up some roots and sprites for this unit as well.

The last step, as always, is to add the grass tufts and forest-in-a-pot scatter material - and viola! A Tree Shambler unit ready to squat butt!

Stay tuned for next week as I begin to tackle my first horde/host unit of elven spears.  Until then, farewell and good health.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kings of War: Tree Shamlers Part 1

Hi everyone,

My old school Wood Elf army counted two mighty treemen swating the enemies of the forest without mercy or remorse!  With the advent of the new plastic treeman; the old ones became a bit short! To give you an idea - the old treemen are as tall as the new treeman's loincloth!!!

Since they were already painted up, I decided to use then as Tree Shamblers or Tree-kin for Kings of War. The problem was that I needed another and as fortune might have it I did have another old school treeman.  It was not a Citadel miniature, but I think it would fit in. To be honest I have no idea which company this miniature belongs to.  If someone knows please let me know.

So now all I have to do is paint up the third treeman and a few forest spirits and sprites and base this new unit.  I have already primed and started to pain the third treeman.  Hopefully this unit will be ready by next week.

That is all for now - see you in seven!  Farewell and good health.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kings Of War: Converting my Dryads Part 5 - Finished

Hi everyone,

So I have finally finished my Dryad/Hunters of the Wild unit.  Now all I needed to do was base it.

At this point I was still not happy with it.  The unit still seemed a bit empty, so I decided to add some forest sprites to it.

The Wood Elf plastic boxes from Games Workshop are full of little sprites and spirits!  I took a selection and started painting them up.

I divided the sprite into three groups and painted each group in a different colour theme.  The butterfly-like sprites I did up in a light green and purple.

The worm like sprites were done up in a light greenish-blue.  This gave them a very ethereal feel.

The last sprites I painted up in red hues to give some colour and contrast to all the green on the base.

I glued all these sprites to the multi-base and added tufts and the forest-in-a-pot mix I used for my other elven units - and viola!,  another finished unit for my long neglected and overdue Sylvan army.

The following pictures are a few close-ups of the sprites.  I really like the way they blend into the unite and fill it out. I will be using them again for sure.

Well that concludes the dryads - next up are my horde of Elven Spears and Tree Shamblers.  Until then farewell and good health.



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