Saturday, December 3, 2016

Vikings Phase One: The Berserkers FINISHED

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished painting up the berserkers.  I apologize for taking so long, but life and work are taking up a lot  of hobby time.  I don't see this changing any time soon.
So the last two berserkers were the ones wearing pants, which includes the leader. Speaking about the leader, while painting, I noticed that the armband was miscast.  Therefore, I had to re-sculpt it with greenstuff.  This was easy enough.

Other than the armband, all else was easy going with the painting.  I wanted the leader to be a bit more colourful or noticeable! So I decided to put a bit more extra work on the pants and decided to dye the tips of his beard.

Overall, I like how these guys have turned out. Below is a small group shot with the Warlord and the Hearthguard.  I think they do feel like and a coherent force till now.
Next week I will start working on my last warrior unit.  This is the last step to finish out this project and Vikings Phase One.  Yeah!

Until then farewell and good health!


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