Saturday, November 12, 2016

Vikings Phase One: The Berserkers Pt.1

Hi everyone,

The Berserkers are here, the field of battle will never be the same for the other Saga factions! - If I get to play anymore games that is!

In the meantime I content myself with painting the army up.  So the first step was to clean the models  as best I could.  Thankfully Foundry miniatures are quite well cast, and in my humble opinion, don't suffer from as many casting defects as other companies - like Warlord for example.
The next step is to give them a good primer coat.  I opted for a grey primer.  I use the Vallejo Grey airbrush primer as I find it very workable.  I use it straight out of the pot and since it is formulated for airbrushing I hardly need to add any water to it.
When the grey primer stage was done, several defects popped out that I had not noticed before when I was working on bare metal.  Naturally, I had to go back to step one and re-clean all the little oversights again and then re-prime the figures.

Before I start let me just say again that I am not a speed painter, and I do not enjoy painting armies.  I am definitely a showcase painter and I like to play with painted armies but not go through the hassle of painting them up.

I say this because, although the techniques I use here are relatively fast for someone with my gaming preferences, they would not be suitable for true speed painting.  I choose this approach deliberately.  This system allows me to be a bit more creative and build up my armies to a certain standard without spending hours upon hours on them.

With that out of the way, the painting begins. I started off by blocking out the colours.  This lets me gauge the palette I want to use, and check whether the unit looks like a unit.  That is, whether or not they have a common theme.  This is probably the most time consuming part of the process.
When I am satisfied with the look overall the next step is give certain areas washes.  In this case it is the fur cloaks and the skin.  I will start building the texture on the beards, hair and furs first.  The reason is because I use a controlled drybrushing technique for these, which can get a bit messy, so I like to get them out of the way first, but that is for next week.
So I have finally surpassed the half way mark.  In 7 days I will continue with these berserkers and carry on with my voyage into Saga with Phase One of my Viking Project.


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