Sunday, October 2, 2016

Vikings Phase One - The Warlord

Hi everyone,

After completing the first phase of my Sylvan Army, I decided to do the same with my Viking Warband for Saga.  I am tired of playing with unpainted miniatures and I have decided that the situation has to change!

Phase One of this project will consist of building up a standard  4 point army for Saga. This will consist of one warlord, two warrior units, one hearthguard and one berserker unit.

In Phase Two I will add another warrior unit and hearthguard unit, besides another variant warlord.

Today, though I present my warlord.  I have yet to find an appropriate spine- chilling name that floods fear into the heart of any monotheistic, knee-bending, fear-stricken religious layman christian nutter - nonetheless I think he strikes an awesome figure without a name.

The painting is neat with a enough highlights and lowlights to create interest without overburdening me with extra work.  I will keep to this formula and standard for the rest of the force.

I also think using two or three figures for the warlord base gives the aesthetics of the game more depth and interest. I got the idea from browsing through the rulebook and at other wargaming hobbyist's blogs - a great source of inspiration.

Well, if you like what you see please stick around as more will be coming this month.

Next week I will start working on my first unit of warriors.  Until then farewell and good health.


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