Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vikings Phase One: The Hearthguard

Hi everyone,

Today I bring you my first unit of Hearthguard or Hirdmen for my Viking force for Saga by Studio Tomahawk.

As you can see they are a smaller unit than the Warriors, numbering four models instead of eight. There is the option in the rules of combining two units of Hearthguard into one larger unit as long as they are uniformly armed and do not number more than twelve models.

I wanted them to be more heavily armed than warriors, so unlike warriors, they all have chainmail.  Not only did I want them visually better armoured, I also wanted them a bit more elaborate.  With so much chainmail, this was hard, so I opted for shield transfers.

Therefore, the Hirdmen all have shield transfers with elaborate designs that reflect their social/warrior position with in the force.

These transfers are from the Little Big Men Studios.  They are really nice and I like them a lot, but they are a headache to attach.  I think mine were an old batch, because the adhesive would not detach from the plastic covering layer.

In the end, through patience and perseverance, I managed to attach four transfers to four shields, but I lost several before I found a functional way and I had to buy another set!

Well I hope you all like them.  Next week come the Berserkers!  I will divide this project into several posts due to time restrictions.

So farewell and good health to one and all!


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