Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good Bye Antares, Hello Hordes!

Hi everyone,

I think the title is very clear!  I have finally given up on The Gates of Antares. The game is just not taking root down here.  After playing several demo games no one seems interested in investing in a force.
It is a true pity, because I really liked the game mechanics, even though the quality of the metal figure castings was not very high.  The reasons offered from my friends are that the figures are all in metal and not in plastic, or that they look too comical for hard core sci-fi game. Although everyone likes the Concord and the Senatex.

Some have complained that the rules are too complicated, and a lot of gamers do not like the D10 system.  Personally, I do not think they are more or less complicated than most rules and I think the D10 system is OK - but there you have it.

Personally, I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the metal Algoryn castings, and I would have preferred plastic, but it was not something I was not prepared to overlook in order to get a dedicated gaming group together.  Unfortunately it did not take root.

On the other hand, everyone down here is excited for Warmahordes. Mark 3 is the current rage and everyone seems to be playing it.  So as the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them!

Therefore I have sold off all my Algoryn force - in fact I have already found a buyer overseas.  I will keep the plastic Concord for now just in case the game miraculously takes root.

Since I sold a red army, it is only right and proper that I replace it with another red Warmahordes army.  So I have decided to go with the Skorne.  The other (more pertinent) reasons are that they seem to be the underdog in this new edition. So they pose a challenge - that should keep things challenging and interesting.

The other reason is that the Skorne character is diametrically opposite to mine.  I am not cruel to animals; do not believe in pain or self-infliction; have no desire to conquer for the sake of conquering; and I do not like torture of any kind.

I have always taken armies that I feel a resonance or kinship towards, it is refreshing to buy and collect an army that is so different.

I have already made some purchases.  I bought the 2 old Skorne Battlegroups at a 30% discount and the new one at a 20% discount from Wayland Games.  I also had the metal Bronzeback I had bought for a diorama that never panned out. 

Therefore I will start from here.  I will build and paint these purchases up, then I will expand from there after doing some research into what works and what sucks.

That is all for this week.  See you in 7!  Farewell and good health.



  1. Hi I think Antares is not that complicated it is similar to bolt action but with D10s instead + some tweaks here and there,it's less complicated then Warmahoards that for sure....about the miniatures yes they could have been better and nowadays I prefer if they where in plastic.

    1. I agree completely, especially with the comparison to Warmahordes. Strangely enough Warmahordes is much more complicated yet far more popular. Maybe it is a visual thing or a D10 thing or the competitive aspect to Warmahordes that makes it so successful.

      I don't know. I still have my concord, so e will see what the future brings.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Shame, Plastic Algoryn are due out in December. Followed by Freeborn next year. With firm plans that all factions will get plastic core troop figures. Lovely painted figs you had. I hope more inspiration will occur next year, I think it is a system that's worth persevering with.

    1. Hi DidgeH,

      That is really a shame! I did not know that. I honestly like the system. There are one or two problems with it and a luck of certain troops types like heavy-clad infantry (TERMINATORS), which hurts the game - but nothing unfixable or insurmountable.

      I will wait till the end of 2017 before I decided to sell everything or pursue it further.

      Thanks for commenting,




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