Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kings of War:- Elf Spears Part 3

Hi everyone,

If you have read last week's post, I am currently working on a horde unit of Elf Spears.  I am updating the unit for Kings of War on multibases.

I finished converting the spear elves and I now have finished the painting.  Like the other figures I have painted for my elf units, the difficulty is matching the old paint job styles.  But I think I have managed fairly well.

The first miniatures I painted up in this batch are the converted spearmen. Unfortunately, I could not replicate the colour of the scalemail of the older elves. I did not even come close.  In the end I went with a compromise in colour, but I do think the miniatures still blend in.

After painting them up, I glued in the last two rows and the side ranks to the multibase and puttied up he bases.  This way is easier and allows more space to work, than gluing everything on and trying to place the putty in between the models.

Overall I think the new models blend in well and are inconspicuous unless you are actually trying to look at the individual models rather than the unit.

I also managed to finish painting up the hedge mage, as I like to call these unit based magic users.  I went for subdued patterns that are hard to see unless you look directly at the model.  This was done on purpose in order not to deflect the attention from the unit as a whole, nor to deflect the attention away fron the central figure - the cavalry model.

That is all for this week.  Join me next week as I start work on the leader of the unit.  Until then, farewell and good health to all.


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