Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kings of War: Tree Shamlers Part 2

Hi everyone

So I have finished up another unit - the Tree Shambers.  Made up of old GW treemen for the most part and looking like a dance team striking a pose :) , they had to become tree shamblers because compared to the new treemen they are just too small.

I finished up the third treeman and and glued him to the multibase.  Just like the Dryads they needed something more, so I decided to paint up some roots and sprites for this unit as well.

The last step, as always, is to add the grass tufts and forest-in-a-pot scatter material - and viola! A Tree Shambler unit ready to squat butt!

Stay tuned for next week as I begin to tackle my first horde/host unit of elven spears.  Until then, farewell and good health.



  1. The dance trope base looks incredibly well done. Very natural with an excellent flow. Just like their mad beats!

    1. LOL :) I will never get this hip-hop treemen image out of my head - Thanks!



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