Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kings Of War: Converting my Dryads Part 5 - Finished

Hi everyone,

So I have finally finished my Dryad/Hunters of the Wild unit.  Now all I needed to do was base it.

At this point I was still not happy with it.  The unit still seemed a bit empty, so I decided to add some forest sprites to it.

The Wood Elf plastic boxes from Games Workshop are full of little sprites and spirits!  I took a selection and started painting them up.

I divided the sprite into three groups and painted each group in a different colour theme.  The butterfly-like sprites I did up in a light green and purple.

The worm like sprites were done up in a light greenish-blue.  This gave them a very ethereal feel.

The last sprites I painted up in red hues to give some colour and contrast to all the green on the base.

I glued all these sprites to the multi-base and added tufts and the forest-in-a-pot mix I used for my other elven units - and viola!,  another finished unit for my long neglected and overdue Sylvan army.

The following pictures are a few close-ups of the sprites.  I really like the way they blend into the unite and fill it out. I will be using them again for sure.

Well that concludes the dryads - next up are my horde of Elven Spears and Tree Shamblers.  Until then farewell and good health.



  1. I love the little sprites and spirits. Never knew they even existed. Adds so much flavor to the base!

    1. Hi and thanks for commenting first and foremost. I knew about them but never bothered to use them. The lively results have made me an advocate of them in nature themed armies.



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