Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kings of War - Rebasing Skarloc's Archers

Hi everyone,

Today I continue with the re-basing of my old Wood Elves - although I prefer the term 'Old School' to simply 'old'.  Skarloc's archers by Jes Goodwin have always been my favourite unit, and I think they set the benchmark for what an elf should look like - in my mind at least.
Unlike my the previous Wood Elf spear unit by Grenadier, I did not want to multibase this unit as a regiment of 20 models.  I wanted to keep the option of fielding smaller troops of 10 models -  so I opted to form them up into 2 troop units.

This way I could field them in different formations; spread out their firepower a bit more evenly or even use them to support larger units.

So the first step was to trim their slot-bases and file them down.  I do this until they can stand on their own.  This way you do not have to hold them on the multibase until the glue dries.

Before gluing anything down it is wise to coat any wooden bases with a cellulose product like Dope.  This prevents the wood from warping if it ever gets into contact with water or humidity.  I give mine two coats for good measure.

The following steps are easy and have been dealt before in my previous post.  Add putty to even out the surface, paint and then glue on the tufts followed by the scatter material - in this case Forest in a Pot.

Viola! There you have it - two more units ready for KOW.  Now I have to get back to my Dryds.

That is all for today - see you in seven, until then farewell and good health.


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