Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kings Of War: Converting my Dryads Part 2 - Forest Imps!

Hi everyone,

So I have been working on several things this week, but I thought an update on the Dryads was in order.

Although summer is fast approaching, and with it the extra work load and heat, I still have managed to make one hour every day available for the hobby during the week. It is not easy keeping to this schedule but I have somehow managed to put these five hours in during the week.

The Forest Imps have been the focus of my latest endeavours.  They began 'life' as 15mm D&D trolls,  but I decided to turn them into forest  beings and use them as filler for my dryad unit.

The first step was to alter their poses.  At first I was going to cut them up and reposition them but then I noticed that they could be easily bended with a pair of pliers.
I have added some close-ups of the figures before and after for comparison.  The one on the left is the original form and the left is the modified position.

The next step was to add bits and parts from the Wood Elf Dryad sprue from GW and the first applications of putty. Here the figures begin to take life of their own.

The first two follow a similar pattern, with the bulk of the extra parts on their backs.

The second to also are similar in design with their upper heads changed with dryad heads.

Now I have to add more putty applications to blend and mold the figures to their final versions.

That's all for now.  Until net week, farewell and good health.


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