Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kings Of War: Converting my Dryads Part 1

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been playing Kings of War (KOW) on a regular basis with my 28mm Wood Elves and my 15mm and 10mm armies. So in the end I decided to convert my Wood Elves to the KOW format.  My army is all single figures which I move around in movement trays. 

Since I do not want to play anymore mass-battle-games where you have to remove single figures - I decided to take the plunge and re-base my elves in KOW style - with multi-bases!

The first unit I am going to work on are my Dryads. I have sixteen of the old GW dryads. Ten are painted and the other six are not.
At first I wanted to create a Hunters of the Wild troop of these models, but I have noticed that there were changes from the first edition Sylvan Kin unit from 25mm base size to 20mm base size.  What a bummer! Extra work!

I could not put ten models on a troop base.  You can put four instead of five models along the front rank, but you cannot fit a depth of two. They were just too big.  So I had to go for a regiment.

Altogether, you can fit 12 models on a regiment base, but I only had ten painted, and to be honest I think they look a bit boring with just dryads. 

So instead of painting up too more dryads, I opted for this guy.  It is an old treeman I have had laying around for years.  I can't even remember what company the model comes from. It is not very big for a treeman and too small for a Shamler. So I have decided to throw him in with the dryads, just to create interest.

This would bring the model count up to 11 models which is withing the legal limit for regiments.


The unit needs a leader, and it has one - the dryad with both fists raised - but with a frontage of 4 models his position as leader is visually muted. So I decided to remove a model from the front rank in order to give the leader a better visual presence.
I think the unit looks better, but now the model count is down to 10 models and the unit is a bit empty.  I admit this gave me pause and I had to rammage through my miniatures to find  a solution.

I found one with some 15mm trolls that I had stored up.  I never really liked these 15mm D&D style trolls and never used them, but I think with a bit of converting I can turn them into forest beings.
Also, the three level of sizes gives the unit a less regimented unit style and a more Hunters of the Wild look.  After all they are not spearmen trained in regiment drills!

Putting everything together, you can see that the unit has more interest than just dryads in ranks and files.  Now all I have to do is convert the trolls; paint up the remaining models and glue them all to one single base - and viola my first multi-base!

Once again I have come to the end of another post.  I will be back next weekend, so until then farewell and good health to all.


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