Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saga Vikings - The Warriors

Hi everyone,

So today I want to talk a bit about my warriors, or as I call them, the workhorse of my army.

Altogether I have 3 units of warriors or bondsmen, as they are called among viking culture. Two of the units are armed with hand weapons and shields, but one unit is armed with spears and shields.  I think the hand weapon option suits them better, but I included the spears for diversity.

With the first unit of bondsmen I added an old Citadel miniature of a barbarian.  I wanted him as the leader, because he has that presence of pose.  The problem was that he as slightly short compared to The Foundry vikings.  So I had to operated and elongate him a little. As you can see he also had no pants except for a loin cloth - that had to change!
The operation began by cutting through the legs and axe and adding wire to elongate him.
The last stage was to add the pants and rebuild the axe with putty.  I went for the viking baggy trousers because I think they look cool.
As you can see the extra height really rings him out as the leader of the bondsmen

The second unit is similar, but this time I used one of the miniatures of the berserkers pack as the leader. He was the only one without a wolf head, so I decided to use him with this unit. He is the bald dude in the middle with the two weapons and cool baggy pants!

The unit is in the early stages of prepping, and I have not added the shields or the putty on the bases yet.
The last unit is my reserve unit for larger 6 point battles. I went with spears with this unit to diversify a bit as I mentioned before. The pointy spears are made from metal and are very sharp.  You have to handle them carefully or you can actually hurt yourself! I pricked myself several times and managed to bleed twice.

I don't know what is coming next week at this point, but I will be back,  until then farewell and good health.


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