Saturday, March 26, 2016

Beginning Saga

Hi everyone,

For Xmas I decided to buy myself a gift.  I am usually not so self-absorbed to do such a thing, but this year I had to work through the whole festive season and I thought I deserved it.

I chose Saga from a company called Studio Tomahawk after a friend of mine introduced me to the game.  He knew I was interested in the Dark Ages (having focused my studies on that period during university) and thought I would enjoy it.  He just had no idea just how much!

To cut a long story short I was instantly hooked after the first game. I bought the book and started looking for miniatures for my armies. They arrived several days after Xmas.

I decided to build two forces.  My first choice was definitely the Vikings simply because they are one of my favourite subjects since my youth (especially the myth and legends aspect of their culture).  I will build these first, but they will be my second force.

My first force to play with will be the Normans.  I think they are more strategic and require more thought to play properly - I also like cavalry!

So after my first purchase, I wanted to get the dice and fatigue tokens to round out the gaming experience.  You do get cut-out tokens in book, but I preferred to buy some nice themed ones. As for the dice you can use common six sided dice - but what fun is there in that! I bought these from a company called Gripping Beast for anyone ho has not heard of them.

I decided to go for the Foundry Miniatures range for my Vikings and with Casting Room Miniatures for my Normans.  I think they are the most characterful I have found.  I was not sold on the plastic options.   Below are some examples from the ranges I bought.  The pictures are from their respective websites. I will go in to the miniatures more next week.

As for the game itself, well it is simple and elegant. The battle-board and dice system are fun and innovative.  The game focuses on capturing the flavour of the period rather than nailing specifics.

In fact, the game is so fluid, that there are no specific rules for armour and weapon types except for a few exceptions, no fixed base sizes and very flexible movement rules.

I highly recommend this game for a quick evening's play or as in-between-campaign games. If you like you Dark Age barbarians then you will love this little jewel of a game - guaranteed.

So more is coming soon so stayed tune, until then farewell and good health.


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