Saturday, March 26, 2016

Beginning Saga

Hi everyone,

For Xmas I decided to buy myself a gift.  I am usually not so self-absorbed to do such a thing, but this year I had to work through the whole festive season and I thought I deserved it.

I chose Saga from a company called Studio Tomahawk after a friend of mine introduced me to the game.  He knew I was interested in the Dark Ages (having focused my studies on that period during university) and thought I would enjoy it.  He just had no idea just how much!

To cut a long story short I was instantly hooked after the first game. I bought the book and started looking for miniatures for my armies. They arrived several days after Xmas.

I decided to build two forces.  My first choice was definitely the Vikings simply because they are one of my favourite subjects since my youth (especially the myth and legends aspect of their culture).  I will build these first, but they will be my second force.

My first force to play with will be the Normans.  I think they are more strategic and require more thought to play properly - I also like cavalry!

So after my first purchase, I wanted to get the dice and fatigue tokens to round out the gaming experience.  You do get cut-out tokens in book, but I preferred to buy some nice themed ones. As for the dice you can use common six sided dice - but what fun is there in that! I bought these from a company called Gripping Beast for anyone ho has not heard of them.

I decided to go for the Foundry Miniatures range for my Vikings and with Casting Room Miniatures for my Normans.  I think they are the most characterful I have found.  I was not sold on the plastic options.   Below are some examples from the ranges I bought.  The pictures are from their respective websites. I will go in to the miniatures more next week.

As for the game itself, well it is simple and elegant. The battle-board and dice system are fun and innovative.  The game focuses on capturing the flavour of the period rather than nailing specifics.

In fact, the game is so fluid, that there are no specific rules for armour and weapon types except for a few exceptions, no fixed base sizes and very flexible movement rules.

I highly recommend this game for a quick evening's play or as in-between-campaign games. If you like you Dark Age barbarians then you will love this little jewel of a game - guaranteed.

So more is coming soon so stayed tune, until then farewell and good health.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Clan of the White Arm

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished the Clan of the White Arm - my Algoryn force for Beyond the Gates of Antares.
Overall, and not considering the quality of the casts, I am quite happy ith ho they tuned out.  I think they make a pesentable force for tabletop gaming.

Enough talk.  Here is my mighty force!

Well, that is it for the Algoryns and Antares fo the foreseeable future.  Stay tuned next week for the beginnings of some Dark Age action with Saga and Vikings!

Until then fareell and good health.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Algoryns Nearly Ready

Hi everyone,

Well my Algoryn force is nearly ready.  I have finished painting up the extra drones and AI Infitrator and now I only have to wait for my last spotter drone to arrive in the post.

After that the project will be ready. In fact, next week I will publish a post showing off the force, and after that I doubt I will ever paint up another metal Algoryn trooper for the foreseeable future!

So, as I said, next week will be the last Algoryn post, but after that expect to see a lot of Saga posts from Tomahawk Studio.  I have fallen in love with this game, and I have have bought two forces - a small Viking and Norman skirmish force.
I can't wait to get my hands of the supplements and the soon-to-be published Age of Arthur - but more on this next time.

So if you want to see the Clan of the White Arm, in one post, stay tuned till next week.  Until then farewell and good health.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Warlord Games' Customer Service

Hi everyone,

Well a few weeks ago I ordered some singles figures from Warlord Games to round out my Algoryn squads. Why I had to do this in the first place I honestly do not know, but in my opinion it is simply due to bad marketing practices from Warlord Games.

When they arrived I found that the arms and mag repeater of one of the AI Infiltrator squads was missing.  This is always annoying, more so because I wanted to paint the 3 AI Infiltrator miniatures together and get the unit finished.  

So, painting everything together was not going to happen and could not be helped, so I started with the other figures and I wrote to Warlord Games about the missing piece.  

By now my experience with Warlord had been disappointing.  Missed offers, bad and average casted miniatures and now missing parts, so I spilled the beans in the email I sent them.

Here is the email I sent:


I would like to inform you that I received a missing part in the order above.  This part are the arms and weapon of one of the Infiltrators:

1x Algoryn Infiltration Squad Pose B

I also would like to say that I am rather disappointed with my experience buying your products till now with your company.

First I buy several boxes and an Algoryn starter force all with five models.  Afterwards you increase them to 7 models.  At this point I already feel slightly cheated out after supporting the game.  What I don't understand is why you didn't just increase them to 8 straight away.

So then, to increase my 2 AI squads to 7, I bought 4 single troopers at 4 sterling each - all of one pose.  Now you issue out single figures at a cheaper price and my order contains a missing part.

But it is not only that, some of the models were cast really badly, which is surprising in this day and age. Especially some of the Algoryn shoulder pads and the targeter drones (some of the worst I have seen in a long time).

To prove that I am not just ranting here is a link to my hobby blog HERE.

That is all I have to say.  I apologize if I came out a it angry, I am just a little frustrated with the whole thing and I am considering selling everything and starting something else.


Now to their credit they wrote back promptly apologizing for the inconvenience they had caused and offering a very generous solution. Below is their response:

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your orders with us and congratulations for your blog page! We are very glad that you decided to collect Antares models and make them the projects you write of on your blog.

First of all, I please accept our apologies for the missing arm of one of the Algoryn Infiltrator models, we will of course be happy to send you the part.

In regards of the miscast items, in these cases we do also provide replacements: could you please let me know which models you received badly cast and we will be happy to send you the replacements for these too - if you managed to fix them already... please let me know which models are anyway and I would gladly take the opportunity to send you the models anyway, as a partial compensation of your inconvenience.

Finally about the additional models. When we released the rulebook and the boxed game last November we basically launched the latest version of the rules, tested and reviewed by hundreds of gamers and, respect the beta version, we indeed changed a few things. since the number of models in a squad changed, allowing more flexibility, we found that some the currently available models did not reflect this development anymore and we decided to change the composition of the boxes, taking the opportunity to add either two or one model to some of the packs... but leaving the price the same.

While we do believe we took the right decision in increasing the number of models and leaving the price the same, regardless of our good intentions, we do understand how this could be disappointing for who has bought their models before such a change and to those who asked so far, we have provided these additional models, for free.
If you could please let me know which packs you bought before the change, I will be happy to send the the additional models that you would find now with the new packing.

So just to recap:

- we will send you the missing arms, for Algoryn  Infiltration Squad Pose B
- we will send you replacement for the miscast models, but I need to know which models they are
- we will send you the additional models of the packs that you bought before the change, but I need to know which one they are

I hope this helps, please let me know.

As you can  see their commitment to service is commendable and admirable. I wish everyone in the industry were so dedicated to the upkeep of their customer's loyalty.

If you read my email, I sent them a link to the posts of my Algoryn force to show them that I was not just trying to take advantage of their good will.  So I only asked for the missing piece and 4 spotter drones and 2 targeter drones as recompense for the very bad casts they sent in the first place.

The parts finally arrived, and guess what - they messed up again!  Instead of 4 spotter drones and 2 targeter drones, they sent 3 of each.  Not only that, but the casts of the drones were quite bad as well. 

I have written to them again, and in the meantime I have started to paint the miniatures that I have in hand.  Once again this is annoying, because I wanted to paint everything together and get this project over with.  Once again it can't be helped so I have started to paint the minis I have and hope they send another spotter drone soon. 

I can honestly say I have never had such a bad experience with any other miniature company to date.  I thank God that the staff at Warlord are at least helpful and generous, but they are definitely not thorough.  So I have decided not to buy any other metal miniature from the company again. I also will paint up the last few Algoryn figures and sell everything. This experience has put me off the game completely.  I will keep my plastic Concord troops for now. Maybe my mind will change sometime in the future.

Well on that sour note, farewell and good health.



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