Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Last Two Algoryn Squads

Hi everyone,

So I am on my last two units for my Algoryn Combat Force. The first are the Targeter Probes, and the second are the stalwart AI squad.  I am still working on these.
So I will begin with the targeter probes.  I have to be honest and say these are some of the worst castings I have seen in a long time!  The amount of flash and misalignment - for lack of a better technical term - is astounding. Astounding because in this day and age of our hobby, I have not seen such bad castings since the eighties.

Nonetheless, I have bought them and I resigned to painting them, simply because I did not want to buy another blister pack.  This models are solely for gaming and their paint job reflects this.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the concept of drones for a futuristic setting, but I prefer the plastic drones of the Concord, which are much more cleaner.

Next up are the AI Squad. These figures on the other hand I like - and a lot.  Unfortunately, there are only 5 different models which can only be diversified by changing heads. Once again their are only 3 different heads, so the variation is slim.  Hopefully in the future, things will change with more plastics for the Algoryn.

Below, I have a small and short tutorial about how I go about speed painting them.  First I give them a good medium grey primer, after which I paint up the basic colours as neat as possible.  The less colour variation - the faster the process.

The next step is to give them an enamel or oil wash.  I prefer enamel as it dries faster.Don't over do it, and try just to direct the paint into the seems.  I went a bit overboard, simply because the Algoryn armour is a mass over overlapping plates.  This makes selective washes time consuming.
When the paint is dry, all you have to do is dip a q-tip slightly into odourless spirit, and gently wipe off the excess from the higher surfaces leaving the wash in the grooves.  At this stages I even tend to play with them, as they are more or less presentable, but I always go back to highlighting them.
For next week, I will go through the last of the steps.  Until then farewell and good health.



  1. Some mantic games miniatures casted badly two.

    1. Hi RVA, Are you referring to the plastic, resin or metal. I am asking because I have some resin parts that are miscast.

  2. resin i think/// it looks like some sort of plastic and on forums people named this stuff "restic"
    metal in warpath also not good

    1. Yep, then I know what you're talking about. It is a pity!



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