Sunday, February 14, 2016

Second Algoryn AI Squad Ready

Hi everyone,

So continuing from last week, I am presenting my last unit of Algoryn AI's as a small tutorial for a local friend who asked me how I painted them up.  All very simple and straight forward.

After cleaning off the enamel wash with a q-tip from the higher areas of the models, the next step is to give the models their first highlights.  This is very simple.  First go around the raised parts with the base colour and when dry go around them again with a lighter shade, but painting smaller amounts of the areas involved, i.e. the edge areas.

In my case, the base colour was carmine red, but I did not use carmine red as described above, but I used a Vallejo red instead.  This was an experiment in 'tone', and I think it worked, but you must be the judge of that.

As for a lighter shade I add light flesh instead of white.  I find it gives it more 'colour', while just adding white makes the red more chalky. Altogether both rounds of highlights took me about an hour.

The next highlight is solely around the edges.  Make a similar mixture for your highlight but add more flesh to lighten the shade of the base colour further.  Then carefully go around the edges.  This took me another 45mins.

After that add more flesh and a some white and go around the edges again, but only highlight the areas hit by light (the raised areas if your imaginary light source is from above - I recommend this for army painting).  At this stage I also highlight the white armour parts with titanium white.  This takes another 45mins.

The last stage is painting in the details.  In my case these are the green lights, the guns and the faces.  Once again this does not take long and I will not be covering it here as it is very basic stuff.

Well now my army is finished - well not quite! I still have to base all the army and paint up another SIX figures.  These are the add-ons for the AI squads, plasma cannon squad and the AI Infiltrator squad.  I want to bring these unites to full strength.

Well that is all for now, Until next week farewell and good health.


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