Saturday, January 23, 2016

Warlord Games' New Offer

Hi everyone,

Lately, I have been working exclusively on my Algoryn AI force for Beyond the Gates of Antares (BTGOA), and one of the things that annoys me is the way the miniatures are sold.

First, they packaged the miniatures in squads of five, but when they released the official book, squads were fixed at five miniatures which could be increased to eight.

After a while, they increased the box packaging to seven models instead of eight and I do not understand why?  After which, they made an offer to buy single miniatures directly from their site!

This irritates me a bit.  Why did they not just repackage everything straightaway with eight models?  This way they would be giving us the option to field a squad anywhere between half and full strength.

I will buy several of these single miniatures to round up my squads, but I find it all bit silly.  Warlord Games have several ex-GW management working with them who should remember how angry these type of things made their customers.  I think this is bad market policy, especially when they have several competitors already on the market, as well as Mantic with the products from their successful Warpath Kickstarter coming soon.

I hope this is not just a market ploy or strategy. I also hope they just repackage the squads with the option to buy an eight man squad straightaway. Also, why did they not opt for selling Algoryn spotter drones as single figures, or better still, include them in the squad box!

That is all for now.  Rant over! Farewell and good health as always.


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