Saturday, January 30, 2016

Algoryn Plasma Cannon Support Ready

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished my last support choice - the mighty Plasma Cannon! With this unit ready I am only two units away from completing my Algoryn project.  I am also happy to say that this blister pack came with the correct drone type!

This is probably my favourite model in all my force and I took a bit more time with it and added some shadows to bring it out a bit. The normal 'highlight' lining and wash was just not enough to do this little gem justice.

Just like the rest of my finished units, I will be basing the unit when I have painted everything up.

Next up are the Targeter Drones, a small unit but useful if you have points to spare.  I will also post some updates on the the second AI squad (which is also the last unit).

Until then, farewell and good health.


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