Sunday, January 17, 2016

Algoryn Infiltrators ready for Battle!

Hi everyone

This month is unexpectedly turning into one dedicated to Beyond the Gates of Antares.  Well, to keep up the trend, today I am posting my finished unit of Algoryn AI Infiltrators - or as I call them 'the deadly ladies of the Clan of the White Arm'.

As you can see from the photo I departed slightly from the normal 'white arm' scheme, and went ahead and painted them green and violet brown.

I don't think they would have looked convincing as an infiltrator squad with glaringly obvious white armour parts.  I leave such paraphernalic paint schemes for the 'in your face' line troops.

Since I needed something to tie them into the army, I decided to paint their mag repeaters in the same colour as the rest of the troops. This way the gun colour gives the impression that they belong.

I am currently working on the plasma canon support unit, but in the meantime I have started assembling and cleaning up my last Algoryn unit.  They are a basic Algoryn AI squad. I had bought two extra figures to bring the unit up to seven, but now you can buy a basic box of these figures with seven minis already inside.

This will be my second AI unit and all my current Algoryn force will be painted up. Then I will concentrate on basing the whole army.

That is basically it for this week. Until net time, farewell and good health to all.


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