Saturday, November 7, 2015

Community Spirit - At Work!

Hi everyone,

I know it has been sometime since my last post, but I was kicked out of my stupor after finding out that one of my favourite miniature companies was under severe financial duress.  I am talking about Heresy Miniatures.

I have bought from Heresy Miniatures several times during the years, mostly the barbarians and fantasy football stuff, and I cannot claim to be a regular customer, but yesterday I decided to make another order after reading Andy's blog entry.

I have always dreamed of making a living by opening up my own miniatures company - something small like Heresy,  but I never had the courage to take that leap.  So it saddens me to no end to hear that someone who has tried,  is now in financial troubles after 10 years of business and excellent service.

To make matters worse, Andy posted an entry on his blog about how difficult his situation is.  I will not even try to explain, since I have never been in his financial position, so I will let the chap speak for himself.

Constant, permanent begging.

What I hate most about my situation is the begging. I’ve just put in another 87 hour week, on top of two identical weeks before that and yet this is my situation:
Today is Tuesday, the 3rd of November. Sunday night’s dinner was egg and chips. Last night’s dinner was just chips cos we ran out of eggs. Tonight is our 14th wedding/21st together anniversary. We’re having chips again. Tomorrow we’ll probably have rice because we’ll have run out of potatoes. Basically I have zero money. Zero. Nothing. nada. no hyperbole, literally can’t buy food. September and October have been utterly dire in terms of orders, for various reasons, all of which I’m well aware of. One bad month is enough to end a business by itself, but two in a row is disastrous. I have to find £1500 in the next 3 weeks or HSBC are going to stop my overdraft facility and send the bailiffs round or something, presumably. I haven’t paid myself for the last two months because of bills that needed paying. This does not do good things to your bank account.
There are 1593 of you on my Facebook ‘friends’ list. If just 100 of them/you spent £30, I can pay the rent, pay Dan his wages that I owe him and buy some groceries. Much as I’m humbled by your ‘keep going, you do good stuff’ messages, and I truly am, what I need more than thoughts and prayers, is money.
If just one of you could spend £10, I’ll buy some sausages on the way home.

I have taken the liberty to post this from the Heresy Blog, and I apologize for not asking permission, but I did it for one purpose and only one.

To urge the gaming and miniature modelling community to help one of our own! 

So if you have some cash to spare go to Heresy Miniatures and buy something small or buy a lot.  Let us help keep this company afloat. If you want a tip, take a look at Heresy's ghouls - they are little gems!

That is all for now.  I hope you find it in your hearts and pockets to help Andy and his great little company out.

Until then farewell and good health - to you especially Andy!



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