Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Explosive New Year with Algoryn Support!

Hi everyone,

I am back before the new year to wish you all - well - a Happy New Year!  I wont manage to write another post before then due to work, so now is my only chance.

On the last post I was working on my Algoryn AI Assault troops, but I had to stop for a few days.  I had the bright idea to give them a black oil paint wash, but in this cold and humid weather they are taking their fine time to dry.

Therefore I launched myself on another two small units, namely the Algoryn X-Launcher and Mag Light Support units.  They are both support choices in the army lists. They come in blister packs and are made up exclusively of metal except for the bases - like most of Warlord's Sci-fi range.

Like all the Algoryn models that I have worked on till now, they did have issues with flash lines and take some cleaning to be presentable.  Having said that, I did not go into too much trouble as these models are purely for gaming and I don't wont to get bogged down in cleaning.  I just hope they make these in plastic one day.

After putting everything together I noticed that I was given a targeter drone instead of a spotter drone with one of the packs.  I admit this kind of pisses me off, since spotter drones are not sold separately and I do need a few for my units!

After putting everything together I started with the basic colours.  I decided to paint up these guys in the colours of the Clan of the White Arm, with only minor differences to denote the field role.  

Basically I just painted their face white and the control unit on their left arm cavalry red like the all the guns in the force.

The last picture is a comparison of how the model starts off with its basic colours, and how it ends up after washes and highlights.  I think it is a good and presentable tabletop standard.  

For the last time this year, farewell and good heath and thank you from the heart for popping by, and taking a look. 

God bless you all!


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