Friday, December 18, 2015

After Selling Epic - What I bought!

Hi everyone,

I finally have sold off all my Epic 40K models, bar two items, and I finally received all the goodies I bought with the proceeds. The pictures below tell the story better than I ever can!
As you can see from the photograph above, I decided to buy into Beyond the Gates of Antares (BTGOA) and Infinity with the Nomads.  For BTGOA I bought the starter set and an Algoryn Skirmish force from Warlord Games (because they offer free postage world wide with purchases over 70 Stirling) and a few extras.  The same goes for the Concord troops.  I have played two games already and I do have a lot of problems with the game, but I did enjoy it and I am willing to give it a chance. Even though the game is new, I think a 2nd edition will be needed in a year or two in order to streamline the over-complicated rules - but that is for another post.

I have already downloaded the rules for Infinity, and buying the starter set was just too expensive with postage so I just opted for some starter sets.

At first, I wanted to buy into a game similar to Epic 40K - for example Dropzone Commander or Planetfall, but with Epic returning in a year or two with new updated models I decided to hold off for now until Epic comes out again.  Then I will decided into which system best to inject my hard earned cash.

But that is not all I managed to buy!  I also bought stuff for the modelling side of the hobby namely...
Yep, a ton of plastic kits from Star Wars to Gundam, to Macross and dinosaurs; besides several others.  This should keep me entertained for a year or two - probably more!

And that is not all!  I have also bought and put together a 15mm Sci-Fi force from several different ranges which I will be presenting soon.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to display them for pics.

So overall, I am quite happy with the amount of stuff I managed to buy after selling all my Epic stuff.  It took me over a year to get rid of nearly everything but the effort was worth it in my opinion.  In fact I find it rather amazing when I look at everything put together.

What stunned me most is that I managed to make at least 4 times the amount I bought my collection for, and still, my prices were still way cheaper than those of most of the Epic stuff that was selling on Ebay.   I think I managed to sell the stuff at the right time.  If I had left it longer, I might not have managed to sell everything, and certainly not at the prices I did before the news broke of a new Epic game!

That is all for this week.  Stay tuned next week for some more Algoryn troops.

Farewell and good health as always,


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