Monday, August 31, 2015

Merkava Diorama - Part 4

Hi everyone,

So August has come and gone - and thank God for that!  I swear that with all the heat and humidity, I did not do anything hobby-wise, nor did I have the energy to do so. I was simply living in a lethargy bubble; oblivious off everything and everyone. 

Now that the heatwave has subsided I have started to regain my initiative and the will to create is slowly coming back!

Well, it is always good to start with small steps, so today I will just do a simple review of a product I bought for my Merkava diorama. 

I bought some products from Model-Miniature, a french company that sells 1/72 scale products that are mostly in resin.

The first product I bought were some 1/72 Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldiers.  Since this project is a diorama, it needs the human element to imbue it with life and scope.

The figures themselves are slightly on the larger side of 1/72, and are not chronologically accurate, but they are the best I could find.  The figures are made from resin and are well cast.  The arms need to be attached and care must be taken when cutting them from the sprue.  I especially like the dog - I admit that the canine sealed the deal when the time came to choose.
The other product I bought were some 'Hamas' propaganda posters at the same scale.  I intended to attach them to the buildings to add that sense of danger and realism to the scene.
Overall, I was not that impressed with this purchase.  They are simply scaled down printouts on normal paper.  The quality of the printouts are not that high either.  There are two identical copies of each printout, but there are only two.  What annoyed me the most was that the printouts were cut with a pair of scissors which makes the product seem very amateurish. 
You also get an A4 explanation of the product in french, which to be honest is not that helpful or needed. Nonetheless I will still use them, since I did fork out the money for them.
Well, that is all for today.  I will be back after the 10th of September.  I am going to the Veneto region in Italy for a walking holiday over the Dolomites! Yeah!  So things will still be slow around here for a while until I come back.

Until I come back, farewell and good health.



  1. Sorry about the transfer quality. Hopefully it won't be that noticeable once it's in place, and you've put some light pigments or weathering over them to blend them in.

    1. Things that happen. Until you see the product in hand you can never really tell. But I think I can pull it off - as you said pigments and weathering do wonders.



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