Sunday, June 21, 2015

10mm Elf Army- Elites and Monsters

Hi everyone,

I decided to take a quick break from the Merkava diorama, this week to show my latest additions to my 10mm High Elf army.  I mentioned some posts ago that this was to be the year of armies - and I have sidetracked somewhat.

Nonetheless, I have still done work on them, even though on the side.  So today I want to take the time to talk about the 10mm Sword Master of Hoeth unit, my hero on an eagle and some dragons.

First up are the Sword Masters. I have to admit they take the 1st place for me in this post. I gave them a blue look in order to differentiate them from the Phoenix Guard that are in red and the common spear units.  I also gave their armour several washes of Tamiya clear blue.
Instead of just four stands, I opted for six this time. I wanted the option of creating different unit sizes depending on the size of game or scenario.
Next up is the High Elf hero on a giant eagle.  As you can see I have updated its base to a 4 inch radius. I do this in order to be able to play with my models in various game systems - including Kings of War, Hordes of the Things and my own personal game - Dying Wyvern.

The last project for this army I have been working on are the dragons. The models are from the D&D plastic pre-painted model range.  They are called purple and deep dragons, I thing they are perfect for mighty drakes in 10mm scale.

The only thing I have done for now, is put them on bases with some putty work to give them the impression that they are on cliffs.  I think I will paint them in shades of blue and purple.  Overall I think that these colours suit a dragon used by the elves.
As you can see, the 4inch square bases fit the dragons well and they can easily be placed into a unit formation.

That is all for this week.  Until we meet again - farewell and good health.


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