Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Wolf Heulend by Masq-Mini

Hi everyone,

Today I bring you another review about a type of miniature that is close to my heart - Thunder Wolves.

This post shows off the Giant Howling Wolf from Masq-Mini.  I bought this miniature from Battlefield Berlin, and I have to say I do not regret it.  It costs 22 euros excluding p&p which is an extra expense. So if you are going to buy it, then make sure you make a good sized order to reduce the cost per item for postage.

The miniature came in the box you see in the picture below.  The parts were in a plastic bag, but there was no protective foam - which was disappointing.  Otherwise the box is quite nice.
The model in itself comes in 6 pieces.  The parts are crisp and need a minimal amount of cleaning.  There is no base and no instructions like the GW Thunder Wolf box set, but with the simplicity of this kit, you would have to be a moron not to be able to put it together.
The pose of this howling wolf model is fantastic and full of drama.  I easily envision this mini as a squad leader's mount, a Wolf Lord's ride or as a showcase piece.
The only drawback is that it s a bit thin compared to the bulk from the side view.  Unfortunately this is hard to correct due to the way the saddle is designed and cast.  If I decide to use this as a showcase piece I will definitely try to thicken it a bit.
Another defect, which I found rather odd was the gap in the fit.  This is not a problem for a seasoned modeller and only needs some good use of putty to correct, but coming from a company like Masq-Mini is once again disappointing.

The detail, though, is fine and well sculpted.  It has a more naturalistic feel to it, which is not surprising for a hand sculpted model.  This might contrast negatively with the GW Thunder wolves which have a more stylistic, blocked-out look to them.  So if you want this model in your army - then go for a character model.

Overall, the Masq-Mini giant wolf is larger than the GW version.  It's extra bulk makes it stand out from the pack.  An excellent wolf model for an alpha contender!
The last picture shows a comparison with a Space Wolf model from my collection.  As you can see the model fits in well with the character and the mythos.
After giving it some thought, I have to recommend this model.  If you are looking for a challenging project for a character leader or a diorama piece, this model kit has it all.

If on the other hand you are interested in building a squad, then I would think twice.  The set from GW is more affordable and has more build options. The Masq-Mini giant wolves can only be assembled in one way.  If you don't like a pose - you're stuck with it just the same.

That is all for May, until next month; farewell and god health.



  1. This model wins immediately...for the sole reason it is a perfect representation of your blog logo :)

  2. LOL I hadn't noticed initially!!!!

    Great call!



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