Monday, March 30, 2015

Dystopian Wars: Thales Corvette

Hi everyone,

As this is the year of army building (or completing) for me, I have embarked on a push to finish up my Dystopian War Naval force before buying anything new.  So the next two weeks will be dedicated to Dystopian War articles.

The first squad I have worked on are the Thales corvettes - the small and fast unit of my Covenant of Antarctica army.  Like most of my smalls I wanted a more exotic/in-your-face approach, so I decided on a very bright scheme.

Like always, I primed the models in black and base coated with white. The next step was to mask the models for the first colour which was red. 

Now, just for the record, most of my friends disapprove of my choice of colours, but I stood non apologetic in this case and went straight on with my mad idea of a colour scheme.  The next colour after red was a nice medium blue  for the sides.
Not happy with just red and blue, I also decided to line the red with yellow!, but enough of my ramblings.  Here are two photos of the finished products.

Well that is all for this week, next week I will come with the Fresnels.  So until then, farewell and good health.



  1. Love that scheme! The ships look awesome!

    1. You're the first person to actually say he likes my little angelfish of death!!!, Like my Plutach destroyers, the colour schemes are not very popular among my gaming group, but I think they're cool. Thanks again for the compliment.



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