Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hacks, Holidays and Resolutions

Hi everyone,

I have been offline for nearly two months, partly because my blog was hacked and messed up and partly because I was on holiday for a month.  Why anyone would want to hack this blog is beyond me?  Probably a hacker in training who stumbled on my blog by accident! Who knows?  My friend with excellent computer-fu skills came to my rescue and solved it form me, after which I went to Thailand for three weeks for a long deserved holiday.

In either case, the blog is back up and these past two months I took the time to think about this year's resolutions in my hobby.

I was thinking of continuing the resolutions of last year, which were mostly done, but I decided not to. Instead, this is going to be the year of armies.  I want to finish up some of the long standing armies I have in my showcase and closet in boxes.

The armies I want to finish up are the following:

1) My 10mm High Elf army for Kings of War.
2) My Covenant of Antarctica force for Dystopian Wars.
3) My Space Wolves army.
4) My 15mm Dwarf army for Kings of War and my personal war-game (Dying Wyvern).

So these four projects will be my main focus on this blog.  Besides articles on my army building, I will be doing some review of models I have bought especially a new 15mm sci-fi army I am collecting for a supplement of Flames of War in space I am working on.  I will also be featuring articles on my dioramas and showcase models in between armies. 

That is basically it.  So until next time - which is probably tomorrow - farewell and good health to one and all


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