Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grey Hunter Fix

Hi everyone,

I was going through my two Grey Hunter packs and I noticed that the leaders of the packs were loaded out and positioned more or less the same.  Now, I am not to worried that they both carry a plasma pistol and that they both have the Grey Hunter Totem on their backpacks.  This was quit intentional on my part.  I like a bit of uniformity in the Space Wolf sense of individualism - if that makes any sense at all!  But the arm poses had to changed.
So basically, what I did was carefully take off the arms and hands, and added replacements - namely a spear for a close combat weapon and a plasma pistol on the other arm.  I changed the arm holding the chainsword completely and replaced all the parts, but I liked the green stuff work on the left shoulder pad so I took extra care taking this off and refitting it with a spear.
Since he is holding the spear straight up in an act or gesture of command, I decided to keep the plasma pistol pointing down to accentuate the spear.  Also, being Space Wolves, a spear actually works.  It would not have been this effective if they were Ultramarines or Imperial Fists - and this is one of the reasons I enjoy modelling this Chapter so much - that and the awesome fluff!

Placed again next to each other, one can tell the difference such a small repositioning and rearming does.  The model is transformed!
Once again, only a small entry this time, but this month I have actually posted six times - a bit of a departure from my two to four posts a month!

The next post will be in the first week of October now, and it will definitely be the Dreadnought.  So until then farewell and good health to one and all.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Swiftclaw Attack Bike - Part 2 Modeling Finished

Hi everyone,

Finally I have finished the modelling of the Swiftclaw Attack Bike, and I can move on to modelling the Dreadnought.  I have to say that I enjoyed modelling this project.  I forgot how rewarding it is to model armies like my Space Wolves.  Mainly because they are gaming pieces and I don't have to bother with getting the details perfect.  I just have to give the impression of them being right.
Below I have a selection of photos for anyone who wants to take a better look at the work.  The first pictures show the details like the straps on the knives, the Tyranid ribcage, the wolf skull on the head-lights and the wolf tooth necklace I added.

The next set of photos give a better view of the driver and gunner.  The heads are from the Dark Angel's Raven Wing box set, which I wolfy-upped a bit.  If you have not seen my other Swiftclaws or Blood Claws, then you should know that I like to give them what I call a Rune of Acceptance.  This is the rune on their right shoulder pad that every Blood Claw strives to have removed by ascending to the ranks of the Grey Hunters - well at least in my mind that is how it works!

The last set of pictures brings the bike and riders together.  One last point I would like to make is that I know that the kit does not come with a base, but I did not like the discrepancy in height created without one when placed near the other bikers.  So I figured out a workable/game playable size to place it on.

That is it for today.  As usual I will be back next week with more stuff.  I am quite confidant it will be more Space Wolf related work - but who knows what can happen in a week's time.  The last model in my small force that still needs to be worked on is the Dreadnaught.  After that I will start painting the elements of my force that are still unpainted.  Then I will move on to new units like Lone Wolves, Wolf Guard Terminators and Wolf Guard in standard armour, as well as Scouts and Fenrisian Wolves.

Until then farewell and good health,


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Swiftclaw Attack Bike - Part 1

Hi everyone,

About 4 or 5 years ago I started my Swiftclaw Biker pack - which I proudly call the Trophy Hunters. It was supposed to consist of 6 bikers, 1 character and an attack bike.  Well I had started to build the attack bike, but stopped short and started something else.  Heard this story before?  Well it is a main theme in my life till this year when I decided to put a stop to it.

With the release of Codex Space Wolves, I can now get back to finishing what was started and hopefully build up the basic force at my disposal.  So the next logical step after Jotunta & Foral, is the attack bike.  The pictures below show where I had left off.

The scope of this model, besides being the heavy fire-power of the pack, is that of a pack mule!  I wanted this model to be the one that hangs back in support and carries everything else the pack needs.  So I decided to adorn it with a lot of bags, satchels ropes etc, etc.  But being a part of the Swiftclaw Trophy Hunters, it needed some kind of trophy to display.

The problem here is obviously space, and despite what one might think there is not a lot of it on this model.  After an hour or two of trail and error, fitting and replacing, I managed to find all the parts I needed.  The trophy is the chest plate of an old Tyranid Warrior.  Maybe some of the old timers who read this blog might recognize the plastic colour of the Tyranid Warriors back then.

The chest plate needed a little fitting, in order to place the heavy weapon convincingly, so I had to cut out part of the front base.  I then proceeded to tie it in with some wire to give it the feel of something 'put there'.

Well that is all for this week.  Next week I will talk about the detailing at which point I will have finished the modeling of the pack.  Then it is on to the dreadnought, as per plan.  When all the modelling is finished, I can then start to continue painting the army at long last.

Well stay tuned till next week when I continue to build up the attack bike,  until then farewell and good health,


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Epic Sale - Everything Gone!

Hi everyone,

The title says it all - everything I hand put on Ebay from my Epic 40K stuff is gone! And I only put up for sale the brand new/still in blister stuff I had.  I wish GW would open their eyes and see what kind of demand there still is for Epic 40K and start supporting it again before it looses out to its competitors - namely Dropzone Commander and Planetfall. Or is it already too late for that.

In any case out of the 35 lots I put up only one is left.  This is the Epic Squat Sprues.  I have ten of these and none of them have sold yet.  The problem is that when I try to find them on Ebay's search engine they don't come up! I probaby think this is why they haven't sold like the rest, as I made sure they were competitively priced with the competition on Ebay.

If anyone is interested in these once-upon-a-time 40K race you can click HERE for the link.

Next week I start selling off my used and painted Epic40K stuff.  So if anyone is interested you know where to look!

Well that is all for today.  Stay tuned next week as I tackle my Swiftclaw Attack bike.  Till then farewell and good health.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meet Jotunta: Part 3 - Modeling Finished

Hi everyone,

I have finished the modelling of Jotunta and Foral.  Considering that these are gaming figures, I am quite happy with the results.   When I complete my New Year Resolutions list, I might even be tempted to build another one for a diorama piece and give it the full showcase piece attention.  But that is a long way away!

Below you can see several pics of the model in the pose it will be set in once painted up.  I hope you can recognize from which movie I was inspired for the pose.  Yep, the answer is a no brainer - Wolverine!

As you can see, I have added a few trophies - otherwise he wold really not fit in with my Swiftclaw Trophy hunters!  I also gave him a lizard skin flapping on the back instead of a wolf pelt.  I think this will help to make him stand out more.

Next week I start (or should I say continue!) the Swiftclaw Attack Bike!  So until next time farewell and good health from your fellow modeller and gamer;


Monday, September 1, 2014

Epic Sales Bust out!

Hi everyone,

Last week I started to put up the first lots of my Epic 40k army for sale on Ebay, and I am happy to say that they went like cheese cakes (an old Maltese saying).  From the first lot, only one Knight Lancer is left.  The link is below.  The second lot sold out in one day!!!  I did not publicize it on my blog, but it sold out within 24hrs. Wow!

I have now put up a third lot of unopened and unpainted blisters and sprues, after which I will start to sell of my painted collection - and I hope it sells just as well.  Actually I am hoping that someone who actually plays the game ends up buying them.  At least that way, they will find a good home and actually be played with and enjoyed.

For anyone interested to take a look, the link below will take you to the last remaining Knight Lancer, and from there you can view my other Epic 40K items for sale.


The link for the above is HERE.

 So until next sale, farewell and good health from Night Runner.



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