Friday, November 21, 2014

Ebay Epic 40k Sales Wave 4

Hi everyone,

As you probably seen on this blog, if you follow from time to time, that I am selling off my Epic 40k collection.  I have now sold off around 75% of the whole range I had.

This time round I am selling off a batch of metal vehicles, then after the New Year I will try and sell the last few Space Marine Infantry models.

So if anyone is interested in starting Epic, completing their collection or starting a new faction, then please take a look at my lots

The link for this lot is HERE.

The link for this lot is HERE.

There are more lots available, just click on the link and then click on see other items or just go ahead and click HERE.

Well that is all for today.  I apologize in adavance for these self-promotion posts.  After I sell them off, I promise you will not see these type of posts again.  Until then farewell and good health from Nightrunner.


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