Saturday, November 29, 2014

Eaglemoss Wolverine: Part 1

Hi everyone,

Today I begin my next figure - the 70mm Wolverine from the Eaglemoss Classical Marvel Figurine Collection.  This is a publication that began life several years ago, and Wolverine was issue 2 if memory serves me well.  Each issue is dedicated to one Marvel character in particular and comes with a collectible boxed 70mm scale fully painted figurine.  They cost anywhere from 7 to 20 sterling depending on the size - the larger ones are usually special issues.  The link is HERE for anyone interested.

I have bought several of these figurines, and 2 of those I like enough to repaint, the Wolverine being a case in point.  The painting of these figurines is basic and not as well done as in the photos on their site, but this is expected.  The figure itself is posed very nicely, but on closer inspection one can tell that the production of this figure is somewhat sub par.

The first thing I did was strip the figure to bare metal and clean it up a bit - what I found was a bit disappointing. First of all the back musculature is a bit confusing, and there are quite a few manufacturing defects that I will have to fix before I start painting this model up.

Some of the most pronounced defects were gashes and holes in the head!, besides holes and ill-fitting parts like the glove and arm fittings.

After cleaning the model up and just looking at it for an hour or two; trying to decide what to do with it, I decided to put it on a base with its back to a wall - the pose of the figure lends itself to such a composition.  The only problem was I had to build a wall for it, which is actually not a problem at wall, but rather a lot of fun.

Well that is all for today, see you all next month and until then farewell and good health as always.



  1. That's not a gash! It's a bullet wound! :) So he came painted like that??

    1. LOL. Yep, that is how he came right out of the box. There are also plenty of micro holes all over. These are defects caused by bad casting practices and cheap material.

    2. Wow...out of the box, he looks worse then some resold painted GW mini's off ebay!



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