Monday, November 17, 2014

Conan the Barbarian : Part 3 - Finished

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished the this model as well as completed another New Year's resolution.  Unfortunately, the pictures did not come out too well, but I did not have enough time to fiddle around with my camera.

Having said that, the photos do show basic work, but some of the highlights are lost.  All in all, they are acceptable for a hobby blog. As for the figure, I really enjoyed spending the time just painting it.  Even though the time was quite short due to work obligations, but the exercise was to finish the model and not make a masterpiece.  So I am content!

I have to admit, that I really missed painting a single showcase figure, after all the models I have painted up recently for armies.  Dioramas are showcase pieces too, but if the diorama has a lot of figures I don't spend as much time on each figure as I would do with a single figure show piece.  So coming back to single miniatures was a breath of fresh air!  I plan to do more in the future and alternate projects between single minis, dioramas and armies to diversify the content of my work and make thing more interesting for myself.

To be honest,  I am looking forward to working on my next figure which is the 70mm Wolverine from Eaglemoss Publications.  The figure is of really poor quality, but since I started it three years ago, I want to finish it.  Also I don't expect to do miracles with this figure - so the pressure is off and I can just enjoy spending the time at my workbench and paint it while listening to an audio-book.

So with this chapter now over, all I have to say is farewell and good health to one and all!



  1. There is a lot to like on this model. It has a phenomenal amount of attention to detail to it. From the armor plates, to the NMM metal on the axe, to the skin tones. Even the wood on those spikes is awesome! I absolutely adore the shield. Really great work!

    1. Thanks Greg. I am very glad you like it!



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