Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sign The Petition!

Hi everyone,

I am writing this post with the sole intention of helping the the guys at Sepulchre of Heroes with their great petition to help improve our hobby.   I stumbled across this petition after watching the videos online posted buy the polish gentleman who does those great Buy Painted videos on Youtube.

In these videos the gentleman explains how GW wants to move the sale of its miniatures from a gaming product to a niche collectors market in order to raise prices indiscriminately.  In a nutshell, they have lost their market focus.

It is not every day that someone stands up and takes action like the guys at Sepulchre of Heroes.  Usually we just complain on the blogosphere, but this is a chance to get our voices heard.

I am not really a Warhammer 40K or Warhammer Fantasy player anymore.  The stiffling unbalance of the game and GW's tactics of trying to make you play bigger games has, in the end, pushed me away.  Hand in hand with this, the rising prices of their product has sealed the end of my 40K gaming days.  I have long since moved on to better and more affordable game systems!

Nonetheless I still love to model dioramas and paint miniatures set in the 40K universe.  I also enjoy the light reading of Black Library books.  So why did I sign the petition? 

Well for one reason, if GW remains a game company first and foremost - and puts in the effort to design enjoyable and balanced games, their miniatures will not become solely a niche collector market.  For me that seals the deal!  But I fear that in 10 years time GW will fail if it does not realize it is making a terrible mistake. That is something I do not want!

So I encourage everyone to sign the petition - HERE!

Once again, I want to congratulate the guys at Sepulchre of Heroes for this great initiative. Until next time, farewell and good health.


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