Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Ebay Lots For Sale and Dystopian Wars SALE!

Hi everyone,

A new month and new Epic Sales as well.  After the phenomenal success I have with the first 25 listings that sold out completely within a week, I am back with some more stuff.  Out of the first 15 listings only three remain!  But I have added more including a rare Capitol Imperialis!
The link for this sale is HERE.

I also have an Imperial Hellbore, as well as Imperial Moles & Termites besides other infantry and vehicles. When you are on the Capitol Imperialis page, just click to see the other items I have for sale.

I am also selling off some Britania land and air forces from my Dystopian Wars collection at very good - almost giveaway prices - for anyone interested.
The Britania lot above is actual two box sets  for less than the price of one!  That is just how good the sale is.

The link for the sale is HERE.

Well that is all for my shameless self-promotion this week.  I will be back soon with the finished dreadnought model soon.

Until then farewell and good health,


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